June 19th, 2017 by

A couple of weeks ago I was asked by a lovely couple who were about to get married if I might do their wedding place cards and table plan using the calligraphy I’d started learning not so long ago.

Below are a few photos of the results. I thoroughly enjoyed doing it and I’m quite pleased with the results as I believe was the bride and groom.


February 7th, 2017 by

For Christmas my very lovely husband Jamie bought me a place on a one day modern calligraphy workshop with the brilliant Judy Broad. It’s something I’ve wanted to learn something of for a while.

It was a two and half hour workshop in the lovely grounds of The Medicine Garden in Cobham with it’s little cafes and boutique shops. We were in the appropriate named ‘Workshop’, sat round the table with beautifully presented packs and hand written place cards in front of us. We were introduced to each other and I am sat next to a couple who bought the experience for each other for Christmas and a lady who is working down a list of forty things to before she turns forty.

Judy herself is a softly spoken, friendly lady who has already made sure she’s taken down our drinks orders for half time which is to be accompanied by cake of course.

We start the workshop by looking at the basic marks that go into calligraphy lettering. The most tricky thing about this is getting the angle of the pen right.

We follow the basic marks by going through the alphabet and copying both uppercase and lowercase letter forms. I found some letters easier than others. I think we all found the letter D particularly difficult, however I was really pleased with my uppercase H.

Throughout the process Judy is really encouraging and helpful. She demonstrates with effortless easy how to use the pen and apply the right pressure on certain strokes. She finishes by demonstrating flourishing and it is fascinating to watch.

Overall I really enjoyed the workshop. It was a fantastic introduction to a skill I look forward to practicing and using.