June 16th, 2016 by

For the past few months I’ve been trying to get back into shape, a year after having my son. When I had Jacob I was in hospital for a few days following the main event and found – much to my surprise and delight – that I had lost weight!

However, no one told me that a large part of being a new mum is sitting around with other new mums tending to your newborn bundle of joy, chatting and eating cake. Those mums who are able to breastfeed will at this point discover an unexpected power that breastfeed has – it actually burns calories! Unfortunately as much as we tried, my son never took to being breastfed and we went with the bottle and I did not get that great benefit. The result has been that a few months ago I had about 3st to loose.

I’ve always struggled with my weight, so I knew this wasn’t going to be an easy task. I decided that I was going to go swimming once a week and start doing the NHS’ couch to 5k programme.

The swimming I got into easily. I’ve always enjoyed swimming. The couch to 5k however I’ve had a few issues with.

I really wanted to enjoy the jogging. I set out with lots of enthusiasm and decided to go along the canal near to my house. I got through the five minute warm up very easily. My podcast told me to start my first sixty second jog, and it was easy, no problem. The second sixty seconds was also great and I started to think I could really get on with this.

By the end of my third sixty seconds jogging I’d started to get pains down the outside of each foot. By the end of the twenty minutes my feet were really painful.

I’ve had my trainers since about 2001, so my thought was that the cause of the pain could be them. Therefore I decided I would treat myself to some new ones. I went and got fitted properly at a local shop; they even moulded insoles to my feet for me.

So, kitted out with my new shoes, I went and had another attempt at the first podcast. Unfortunately the result was much the same as the first attempt.

I’ve now been to see my GP and I am awaiting the results of x-rays on both feet.

Meanwhile, the good news is that through perseverance I have been able to do regular brisk twenty-five minute walks without too much pain. I’ve also lost about 1st since I started.