Concepts Factory

Brand Refresh &
Print Material

Concepts Factory

Refresh & apply

Making an established brand feel fresh

Gabriele Richardson established Concepts Factory in 2018 and wanted to update and modernise the logo. The business was in the process of becoming better known and expanding into new areas, she want to reflect this in the new logo.

I sort create a professional, sleek logo that remained true to the original concept. We kept the original colours and updated the typeface, illustration and typography to create a fresh and modern look that we then applied across print templates. 

Concept Factory Report Cover
Concepts Factory Logo

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Jolley Business Consultancy

Branding, Print
& Web Design

“I’m really loving my new branding! ”

 – Anna, Jolley Business Consultancy

Jolley Business Consultancy

Show them what I do

A brand & Website to showcase my start-up

Anna Jolley is an experienced Business Consultant who was starting a business from scratch and wanted branding and a website to reflect her and her business. The result is a modern brand with a strong colour palette and website to match.

Adapting easily, the branding is used consistently and elegantly across both online platforms and print material from flyers to business cards.

Jolley Business Consultancy
Jolley Business Consultancy Website
Jolley Business Consultancy
Jolley Business Consultancy Flyer

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Nicole Page Stylist

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“I found Elly to be professional, honest, highly creative and patient”

 – Nicole Page Personal Stylist

Nicole Page Responsive Website

Sophisticed Style

Make it minimalist, fashionable & stylish

Nicole had a very clear idea about what her brand style should be. She wanted it to fit with the fashion brands she works with, be corporate to appeal to her target clientele, and bold enough to be noticed.

Her website is equally to the point, with beautiful photography acting as the star of the show. All her services are easy to find and customers can contact her easily for more information or to book.

Nicole Page Stylist
Nicole Page Stylist Services
Nicole Page Stylist Flyer

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