The Ruby Cube


The Ruby Cube Logo

Unique to us

A brand to compliment the work

The Ruby Cube boutique 3D rendering studio wanted a unique and distinct logo that would compliment their visuals and work well as a watermark. It needed to be representative of the work that they do whilst not overpowering the beautiful visuals that they create.

Ruby Cube Master Logo
Ruby Cube Business Card
Ruby Cube Whiteout

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Surrey Youth Focus


“ We have received so many compliments on our lovely new branding. ”

 – Jen, Surrey Youth Focus

Distinct Agency Branding

Staying true

Modernise without loosing our heart

Surrey Youth Focus wanted to update their brand without making it unrecognisable from the old branding. A new typeface and refreshing the icon background has given the brand a new lease of life, while keeping the logo structure and figure at the middle of the icon respects the brands history.

Surrey Youth Focus Logo
Surrey Youth Focus
Surrey Youth Focus Stationary
Surrey Youth Focus Instagram

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