Mozzie Cozzie

Branding & Web Design

Mozzie Cozzie Label

A brand new unique brand

Design for a new concept

Mozzie Cozzie is the brainchild of Anna McFadyen. It is a mosquito repellent, fashion jumpsuit made from ethically sound materials and responsibly made in the UK.

Mozzie Cozzie is a modern, sleek brand. It sits easily amongst high fashion brands, whilst also appealing to digital nomads everywhere.

The brand language reflects the garments use and aesthetic, illustrating its functional quality and it’s unique design features alongside the brand’s desire to enable mindfulness and wellbeing through reconnecting the wearer with the world around them.

Mozzie Cozzie bag
Beautiful Difference Postcard

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Eddie Chauncy

Branding & Web Design

Eddie Chauncy Brochure

Bringing two worlds together

Creating an umbrella brand and website

Eddie wanted a brand that would bring his two businesses under one roof. Eddie is both an accountant and a therapist working with people and businesses. His brand and his new website needed to demonstrate his expertise in both fields.

It was important that the feel and brand language reflected Eddie’s approach and philosophy, particularly the therapy side.

The look is gentle and minimalist. An uncluttered brand and website that has the potential to continue to adapt and grow with both businesses.

Eddie Chauncy logo
Eddie Chauncy Website
Eddie Chauncy Business Card

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The Ruby Cube


The Ruby Cube Logo

Unique to us

A brand to compliment the work

The Ruby Cube boutique 3D rendering studio wanted a unique and distinct logo that would compliment their visuals and work well as a watermark. It needed to be representative of the work that they do whilst not overpowering the beautiful visuals that they create.

Ruby Cube Master Logo
Ruby Cube Business Card
Ruby Cube Whiteout

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Surrey Youth Focus


“ We have received so many compliments on our lovely new branding. ”

 – Jen, Surrey Youth Focus

Distinct Agency Branding

Staying true

Modernise without loosing our heart

Surrey Youth Focus wanted to update their brand without making it unrecognisable from the old branding. A new typeface and refreshing the icon background has given the brand a new lease of life, while keeping the logo structure and figure at the middle of the icon respects the brands history.

Surrey Youth Focus Logo
Surrey Youth Focus
Surrey Youth Focus Stationary
Surrey Youth Focus Instagram

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Hummingbird Villa, Curacao


Hummingbird Villa Logo

Give us an identity

A cohesive brand style & logo for a Villa

Hummingbird Villa is a beautiful modern villa overlooking the Caribbean sea. Exceptional panoramic vistas of the Caribbean Sea can be enjoyed from all rooms, both verandas, private pool and garden.

Hummingbird Villa is a modern, luxury brand with colours and imagery inspired by the region’s terracotta tiles, emerald hummingbirds and crystal clear turquoise waters. The branding reflects the villa’s clean and modern styling.

Hummingbird Villa Business Card
Hummingbird Villa Branding
Hummingbird Villa Beach Bag
Hummingbird Villa Cushion

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Jolley Business Consultancy

Branding, Print
& Web Design

“I’m really loving my new branding! ”

 – Anna, Jolley Business Consultancy

Jolley Business Consultancy

Show them what I do

A brand & Website to showcase my start-up

Anna Jolley is an experienced Business Consultant who was starting a business from scratch and wanted branding and a website to reflect her and her business. The result is a modern brand with a strong colour palette and website to match.

Adapting easily, the branding is used consistently and elegantly across both online platforms and print material from flyers to business cards.

Jolley Business Consultancy
Jolley Business Consultancy Website
Jolley Business Consultancy
Jolley Business Consultancy Flyer

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Yellow Days


Yellow Days Brand

Two audiences one brand

Appeal To Parents And Businesses

Yellow Days is an online children’s activity marketplace. The branding needed to be professional and corporate for the businesses signing up to the service whilst still having a more fun side to appeal to the parents and children that would use the service to book activities.

Yellow Days Logo
Yellow Days Digital Logo
Yellow Days on tablet
Yellow Days Merchandise

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Nicole Page Stylist

Branding &
Web Design

“I found Elly to be professional, honest, highly creative and patient”

 – Nicole Page Personal Stylist

Nicole Page Responsive Website

Sophisticed Style

Make it minimalist, fashionable & stylish

Nicole had a very clear idea about what her brand style should be. She wanted it to fit with the fashion brands she works with, be corporate to appeal to her target clientele, and bold enough to be noticed.

Her website is equally to the point, with beautiful photography acting as the star of the show. All her services are easy to find and customers can contact her easily for more information or to book.

Nicole Page Stylist
Nicole Page Stylist Services
Nicole Page Stylist Flyer

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Distinct Agency Branding

A Unique Mark

Standout out from the crowd

Distinct Talent Management Agency wanted a logo as unique as their name, but something still corporate and professional. The logo created is modern and minimalist but easily recognisable.

Distinct Agency Stationary

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Swift Fox Consulting

Swift Fox


Swift Fox Branding

Making a start

Make me stand out

Swift Fox Consulting wanted a logo that would stand out amongst their competitors. Having chosen a distinct name they wanted a logo to match. The stylised fox combined with simple, modern typography keeps the brand clear and instantly recognisable.

Swift Fox Consulting
Swift Fox Branding

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